About Us

Our tavern opened in July 1990. It was started by our father Spiros together with his two sons Kostas and Sophocles. Until today, our father Spiros undertakes every day from very early in the morning to supply us with fresh fish, grocery and all the products we will need, while our mother Lucia cooks the traditional food every day in the kitchen and takes care of the fish with our wives . We the two brothers Costas and Sophokles are in the service. Always with a smile to serve even our most demanding customers.
Our Specialties

The family fish tavern is located in the traditional fishing village of Boukari (25 km from Corfu town), next to the sea. Its delicious and fresh lobster spaghetti has made it famous throughout the island, since here visitors have the opportunity to choose their own, the lobsters from the aquarium.

At a breathing distance from the sea we will serve you fresh grilled fish, grilled octopus, steamed mussels, fried or marinated sardines, fresh squid (=Calamari). You can also enjoy in our restaurant delicious appetizers, grilled meat dishes, traditional local dishes.

Your event near the sea

This is what memories are made of! Let us put you under the spell of the special Corfu sunset while you finish the day listening to the sea and watching the stars.

Holiday-makers, local regular guests or VIP ‘s from all walks of life come to dine with us and everybody is enthusiastic about the atmosphere and the location of our restaurant.

The Vlahopoulos Family can also arrange wedding or birthday parties and other events at Boukari Beach Taverna next to the sea.