Boukari Beach Fishtaverna
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Taste the most unique seafood experience in Corfu Island
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Here at Boukari Beach Restaurant we offer a wide variety of fresh fish, sea food and traditional home-cooked Greek specialities: lobster in "special" Corfiot sauce, garlic scampi in Metaxa sauce, fresh red snapper & exquisite starters throughout the day!
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Lovely fish, excellent chicken, nice setting. Visited this restaurant during a recent holiday and we had a very pleasant meal. The fish was cooked to perfection, I had chicken which was grilled and so tasty. Good prices and an excellent location on the waterfront.
Group 21
Food very good good service 1st night (sunny) on the beach she had (very fresh) fish, I had pork kebab 2nd night (cool and wet) we ate inside and shared a greek salad then she had sofrito (very good) and I had chicken kebab. Both nights with ¼l wine and two large beers = €35 Excellent value & highly recommended
Group 21
Lovely Restaurant by the sea What a lovely Restaurant right at the side of the sea.The setting for this place is lovely.My husband and I stayed at The Penelope Hotel same owners as this restaurant on a bed and breakfast holiday,so we didn't have to eat at the restaurant every night but we did.We enjoyed every meal we had. The service was good and the family so friendly.We sat and watched the sun go down while drinking a carafe of there lovely wine.You can sit inside or outside .If you go down during the day thay have sunbeds on the beach at the side of the restaurant.A big thankyou to Mama and Papa also Sofoklis and all the staff.Hope to visit again very soon.
Group 21
Fresh fish! Lovely location and the fish is just superb. Fresh and tasty, just the fish was enough, nothing else required! We had starters, too, which meant little room left for the fish! The fish is priced per kilo, one of our fishes was 500g, a little expensive and a little too much food after a starter but, nevertheless, we highly recommend this place
Group 21
The seafood is fresh and tasty, and we tried most other things on the menu as well (we were staying at Villa Boukari Beach apartments) and found them all to be delicious. The restaurant is right on the beach and family-run, making for a lovely atmosphere. We loved it.
Group 21
Wonderful welcome and lovely fish Great place to eat as a family. Staff are very kind and welcoming. Food is superb. Price very reasonable. Mooring for boats outside,we moored here on one occasion for lunch. Calamari is delicious here.
Group 21